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Moonflower Hair Perfume

Moonflower Hair Perfume

Moonflower Hair Perfume 

Natural, Vegan & Cruelty Free homemade beauty product from Minnesota by Miss Violet Lace. 

I N G R E D I E N T S:
Distilled water, vegetable derived glycerin, organic strawberry extract, Bulgarian lavender essential oil

T H E . R I T U A L:
Shake gently. Mist 4-6 inches from hair. May also be experienced on skin.

T H E. S C E N T:
Moon Flower is a calming scent, inspired by the quiet of the night. USDA certified organic strawberry extract for sweetness, like evening-blooming flower nectar. The addition of lavender makes this blend a perfectly balanced and uniquely pleasant scent. Enjoyed best as you relax, meditate and just breathe.

Travel size 1.2 fl oz

Perfume strands in the revitalizing aura of botanical essences, and experience the indulgent beauty of the plant realm. Hair Perfume is made from 100% natural and vegan plant essences, with hair and skin softening vegetable glycerin, suspended in a lightly refreshing base of distilled water to saturate strands in a dew of earthly decadence. Discover the luxe perfume of the plants.

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