Lavender + Green Tea + Mint Tub Tea

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We believe in Natural Beauty and the Art of Self Care. Lavender, Green Tea and Mint Tub Tea by Cosmic Bath & Beauty in Turlock, California. 

Jumbo sized tea bag packed with 2oz of mineral salts, flower blends and essential oils that are enclosed in a lovely kraft bag with label. One tub tea = one bath.

In the words of Daniella LaPorte "self care is a divine responsibility" and we must make the time to soak in an all natural bath. Relaxing and soothing for your body. A blend of epson salts, packed in an over-sized tea bag. Bathe like a goddess surrounded by flowers and botanicals that will soothe your tired mind, body and soul. 


Create your dreamy bathing environment, music or silence, candles or moonlight, then just add the enclosed tea bag to your tub of warm running water to release the magic and melt away any stress or anxiety.

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